This free tool allows you to create fake news that looks like TV news images, and share them with friends on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or download them and send them via email.

It’s simple and free, and the effectiveness of the joke is assured.

How it works

Enter a title for the news and the first line, and they will appear on the TV news video screen . You can add / upload a photo to accompany the fake news and make it more truthful. We have prepared a series of strange and funny news to take inspiration from, you can read them by scrolling this page. Using the form below you can make fake scoops where the protagonist is you or your friends . The program automatically inserts in the screen already the time and the words live , and breaking news : it’s up to you to put the title and the subtitle you want. Once created the scoop , you can: save the video news created; share the image directly on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or download it and send it via email to your friend

Here the gallery with all available templates and your creations. And following some funny creations that you can use or from which you can take inspiration to make a joke to a friend, or to create a front page of the newspaper with your image: