Photo Editor

Picturando is a photo editor online that works on mobile and desktop. You can easily add text to photos, add effects, cut and resize, add stickers, frames, and many other graphic tools, remove backgrounds. The editor is similar to Photoshop (but free), with History (all editor actions can be easily undone and redone via history tool), Zoom (canvas can be zoomed using mouse wheel or touch and tap on mobile device). And, last but not the least, it’s completely free!

Click on Open Image to load the image to modify

Photo Editor Features

  • Easily crop, rotate, resize, apply filters and frames, add sticker, and do much more to a photo right in the browser or any device.
  • Apply grayscale, black & white, blur, pixelate and many more filters with a single click.
  • Easily add text to photos. Text tool supports emoticons, google fonts, hand write and tons of fonts. Options: change Fonts, Color, Background, Opacity, Outline, Shadow
  • Easily draw anything on the canvas with many abailable brushes, sizes and colors. Supports both desktop and touch devices. Options: change Brush color, Brush type (pencil, spray, etc.), Brush size
  • Add shapes and stickers like arrows, emoticons, bubbles, glasses and more effects can be added to a photo (sticker categories: Emoticons, Doodles, Landmarks, Bubbles, Transportation, Beach)