Background Remover

Remove Image Background 100% Free, without Photoshop. With this free tool you can easily remove background from your photo. Just upload your picture, select the part you want to erase, let the artificial software work for you, and you will get automatically the person (or the animal, or object) on a transparent background. Then, you can use it in multiple ways: you can move it into a new scenario, create photomontages, publish perfect image of products, create meme or anything you want, or just remove from your picture people or object you don't want they appears.
After processing, you can also crop image, color the background, add shadow, etc.
Are you on smartphone or tablet? Use the powerful App! download from Play Store (many functions: cut images, remove bg, ecc.)

How to do

How to easily remove the background from the image. A few simple steps:
1) upload the photo to be edited. To avoid long processing times we suggest you to optimize it (you can try this tool to make the photos less heavy keeping the image quality)
2) pull a boundary line between the part you want to keep and the one you want to exclude: the accuracy of a graphic is not necessary, just indicate to the software what part you want to cut
3) click on the green selector, and make a green sign in the part you want to keep (it is not necessary to color everything, simply "indicate" the good part)
4) click on the red selector, and make a sign to the part you want to delete (even here a line that includes the parts to be deleted is enough) 5) click on elaborate and wait for the final result, which you can download for free.

Notes: large images require a longer processing time. The images that you upload remain on the server for the time necessary for the changes (background removal), and are deleted daily, no copy is kept.

APP for mobile and tablets

If you are using a smartphone or a tablet is easier using the powerful App! download from Play Store (many functions: cut images, remove bg, ecc.)

Video Tutorial