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Pro & Cons of Png, Jpg and Gif formats

Why convert image from a format to another one? It depends what you need for. The advantage of the jpg format is the compatibility with all operating systems and intense colors, excellent for photographs as the jpg has 16 million colors. The drawbacks of the jpg format are instead the loss of the original data, the impossibility to carry out a transparency and to animate the image. The png format, an acronym for Portable Network Graphics, is one of the latest formats created for graphics programs. This format allows you to leave the original quality of the image unchanged. It is the most commonly used format for images, icons and drawings. One of the drawbacks of the png format is the impossibility of animating the image (as for the jpg format) and being unsuitable for processing large images, as the file is really heavy in terms of bytes. The advantages of the png format are the high quality and the details of the image, the fact of not losing the original data of the image that is being processed and the possibility of making transparency on the images, a widely used feature of the png and of absolute importance in the difference between png and jpg, since the latter does not support transparency. Image size: many webmasters want to make the file size of each image as small as possible, in order to optimize the loading time of their websites. The GIF format can be quite cumbersome, so other formats are often used instead. JPG images can often be sized smaller without losing much of their initial quality. About this point, GIF images are often avoided in favor of other formats such as JPG or PNG when it comes to image quality. The GIF format is limited to 8 bits (256) colors, which means that many images could end up looking grainy or overly compressed. The main pro of GIF format are : GIF format supports transparency and GIF images can be animated by combining a number of frames into a single compressed image. This can be done with a number of different graphics programs or websites that will create an image for you after uploading all the frames. Most other formats do not support animation at all, so GIF is a useful choice for this type of chart, which can be used for user profile images, website banners, buttons, meme and more. (Credit: