Photoshop Online Editor

Do you need to edit a .psd file? This is a photoshop layered file, and you have 2 ways to edit it to suite your needs:

1) having Photoshop (powerful and complete commercial software, not free, price starts from 20 usd monthly for students)

2) Use alternative free online photoshop editor provided by Photopea (tool in this page)

They works very similar, and you can use editor on this page to edit and create your final customized picture. So, if you need to edit a .psd file, just upload (click on file) and then select the layer you like to change. Otherwise, if you need an easier editor, with most useful features, you can visit our free online editor

Free Photoshop Editor Features

How works Photopea? Exactly as happens in Photoshop in the left column of the Photopea interface you have the classic drawing tools (Brush tool), selection, cut, instant correction, clone or stamp, eraser, blur and so on. Right-clicking or holding down each button displays the advanced options available for each tool. In the right part of the window you can immediately access the history of the operations gradually performed on the images, the layers, the panel for managing and selecting character fonts and so on. By opening a PSD file from the File, Open menu you will have all the features of the Photoshop file just a click away, you will be able to access the various layers, apply changes. Main features are:

  • Add/Edit Text
  • Add/Edit Photo (and drag them)
  • Editing with layers / Add layers / Duplicate layers
  • History panel
  • Color settings (brightness, contrast, saturation).
  • Editing with masks and intelligent objects
  • Selections and transformations with layers
  • Brushes
  • Vector editing
  • Use Filters
  • Save export in .psd, or image format like png, jpg, etc.