Add text to your photo online

Picturando is a photo editor online that works on mobile and desktop. You can easily add text to photos. Text tool has many fonts included, and supports emoticons. You can also add shapes, stickers like arrows, emoticons, bubbles, glasses and more effects. This editor helps you to create memes or picture to be shared on social networks. Text tool can be used to add text of various fonts, colors and sizes to the photo. The editor is similar to Photoshop (but free), with History (all editor actions can be easily undone and redon via history tool), Zoom (canvas can be zoomed using mouse wheel or touch and tap on mobile device). And, last but not the least, it’s completely free!
Instructions: To add text to your photos, simply select “Text” icon, then upload your photo (icon open, select font, add where you like, double click to edit, and add as many texts as you like. When ready, simply click on “Save” to download your final photo montage.